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Can LIFT represent me in Court?
LIFT does not offer legal representation. LIFT provides information about family law and child welfare matters to empower those we serve to act as their own lawyer in Family Court.

Can I make an appointment to speak to a LIFT staff member about a family law matter?
Call (212) 343-1122 to see if our Family Legal Center can help you, or email our Family Law Email Hotline. To learn more, click here.

Are LIFT's Programs staffed by lawyers?
LIFT's staff members are trained in all areas of family law by LIFT's Legal Director, who is an attorney. Some staff are lawyers and some are not; please note that all information shared with LIFT's staff and volunteers is kept confidential.

Can I get help from LIFT if I don't live in New York City?
Yes, anyone may contact our bilingual (Spanish/English) Hotlines to obtain information about legal proceedings in the New York State Family Courts. Our Telephone Hotline is (212) 343-1122 and you can access our Email Hotline here.

Can I receive LIFT's written materials to distribute to clients?
Yes, please click here to download the materials from our website.

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