LIFT empowers families to make it though the complex Family Court system. Need information about your rights? Want to learn how to start a case? You can find answers to the questions like these now. We are here to help.

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Going to Court Today?
Be prepared with some basic tips from LIFT:

  • When you begin a case, the Court will ask for things like your ID and other paperwork. This paperwork is not required – but the more you have with you, the better.  Use this chart to see what paperwork to bring.
  • Bring a pen and paper.
  • Bring a calendar
  • You may want to bring activities for yourself and your family members in case you need to wait (such as LIFT's activity book for children).
  • Come see LIFT in the courthouse to ask questions and receive information (click here to learn more)

Get more tips with our Legal Resource Guide: Tips on Family Court and How to Work with Your Lawyer.

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complex Family Court system

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LIFT is here to help.

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