Helpline Program

Family Law Helplines

The HELPlines are available via Telephone, Email, and Live Chat. 

Family Law Helplines are tremendously valuable resources to help individuals understand their legal rights, options, and the overall Family Court process. Bilingual (Spanish/English) Helpline Associates provide information regarding family law matters and make referrals to community-based services. For participants who do not speak English or Spanish, LIFT uses the Verizon Language Line for translation services. This ensures that we can connect with anyone in need of support, regardless of their primary language.

LIFT’s friendly, knowledgeable staff, as well as law school student volunteers, answered more than 123,200 questions and served over 25,000 individuals on the Helplines last year. 

LIFT Helpline staff answer inquiries from anyone with a New York State family law question: members of the military deployed overseas; homebound, elderly, or physically challenged litigants; parents who are currently incarcerated; and New York State residents living outside of New York City and for whom there is nowhere in their local community to get the type of assistance that LIFT uniquely offers. Our Helplines help us fulfill our mission of providing access to justice for all.