System Reform and Advocacy

Giving Voice to the Families We Serve

Giving voice to those who are entrenched in the system is the only way to ensure that the national dialogue on critical issues reaches the right conclusions and results in the most responsive services being implemented.

Drawing on years of experience and expertise in the community, as well as our partnership with the Family Courts, LIFT’s system reform initiatives aim to give voice to the families we serve so that other community organizations, legal service providers, city agencies, and public officials can better understand the challenges these vulnerable families face.

System Reform Initiatives

LIFT engages in numerous policy-related efforts by participating in national conferences, resource fairs, and community events to raise public awareness of Family Court issues. LIFT also serves on several influential committees, including:

  • New York State Bar Association Family Court Taskforce
  • New York City Bar Association Family Court and Family Law Committee
  • New York City Bar Association Council on Children
  • New York City Family Court Advisory Council
    • Committee on Child Support
    • Committee for Family Court Operations
    • Committee for Lesbian, Gay Bisexual & Transgender Matters
    • Custody, Visitation and Family Offense Education Subcommittee

New York State - Office of Children and Family Services

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